Flu Vaccinations


Australian Workforce Assessors can provide workplace wide flu vaccinations. Typically, these are carried out in the months leading up to peak flu season (March – June). 

Benefits of the Flu Vaccination 

A comprehensive flu vaccination program can significantly reduce the occurrence of the flu within your workplace. 

  • Increased Productivity: The flu vaccination helps prevent the fatigue and exhaustion experienced by those recovering from the flu. 
  • Reduced Absenteeism: The flu vaccination reduces absenteeism by reducing the occurrence of the flu in your team. The average time taken off by an employee with the flu is 4 days and may result in many more lost hours due to medical appointments 
  • Healthy, Happier Staff and Customers: Influenza causes a severe interruption to everyday life. The flu vaccine helps to prevent the onset of flu and minimises the risk of it being spread within your workplace. 


Vaccinate and stop the spread of germs in the workplace reducing staff absenteeism! 


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